Irish Toddler Names

There is no superior way to re-affirm your Irish heritage than to give your newborn baby the present of the Irish name. Irish names with their unique, Gaelic rooted meanings are exceptional and exquisite.

The mere simple fact you are studying this post implies you might be possibly serious about an Irish name to your new toddler boy or baby Woman. There are several components which include social, household and cultural that may impact your decision of identify. Names and their meanings may be an element. New mom and dad may select a identify mainly because it displays traits they want their baby to get.

Jack and Ava support best place in 2008 for the most popular Irish girls and boys identify respectively according to the Central Studies Workplace. Jack has constantly been well-liked and held number one spot in 2007, whilst This really is the first time Ava has actually been in the best situation.

Below is an index of the 2008 Leading 10 Most favored Irish Boys and Girls Names taken with the Central Studies Business.


Jack - Originally a nickname for John or anglicisation of your Irish Gaelic Sean but is now a name in its personal correct. The title is well known in Ireland Irish surnames and UK.

Sean - Irish form of John. Present from God

Conor - A favorite Christian name and likewise The most frequently employed surnames in Eire.

Daniel - Hebrew - God is my Decide. An anglicised Edition from the native Irish title Donal.

James - Hebrew - Follower. A well known title in Eire and United kingdom that has been greatly used for hundreds of years. Jim and Jimmy are popular nicknames with the identify James.

Ryan Gaelic - Tiny King, derived within the Old Irish term "ri" that means King. A well known Christian identify and surname in Eire.

Adam - Hebrew - From the Earth. A extensively employed Christian title by using a biblical reference to the primary gentleman devoid of sin.

Dylan - Welsh Origins meaning Son of the Sea.

Luke - Origin - Latin "Bringer of Light". Derived from Lucas who was a medical professional in Rome and an early change to Christianity.

Alex - Greek origin meaning "defender, warrior". A popular title in its own right now but is usually a nickname for the more conventional identify Alexander.


Ava - The title has obscure origins but could perhaps come from German or Hebrew origins which suggest everyday living.

Katie - Greek. A name now Employed in its personal correct derived from your far more common name of Katherine.

Sarah - Hebrew: 'princess'. Sarah, a gorgeous lady was the spouse of Abraham.

Emma - Germanic origin that means "total, common'

Emily - Feminine method of Roman title Aemilius. Came to Ireland with the English.

Sophie - Greek: 'knowledge', Sophia is a variant

Grace - Gaelic: 'grain goddess', from Gráinne,

Aoife - Gaelic form of the title Eve. Signifies "beautiful, radiant".

Chloe - Greek origin which means "blooming".

Kate - Greek. A pet identify for the greater conventional name of Katherine.

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